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TalEval is a web-based computerized grading system that collects and displays data for outcomes assessments for the Dental Hygiene Process of Care Evaluation.TalEval is web-based. Nothing to download or install!

  Objective Grading Format
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  Calculates individual student grades
  Demonstrates Compliance with standards
  Tracks patient appointments
  Collects and displays data for Outcomes Assessments (Standard 1-1)
  Provides data on instructor performance for calibration (Standard 2-19)
  Component for Quality Assurance (Standard 6-2)
                                    Customizable to meet each schools' needs.

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TalEval Login Screen
User Setup
Setup Preferences

TalEval features user defined security requiring a login name and password for entry, protecting your data from unwanted access.

Flexible user setup form allows you to setup user names and passwords AND assign different levels of access to each user.

 TalEval is customizable to fit your school's needs.  Setup your own list of clinical competencies, perio/calculus types, point values and more!

Student Data Profile
Progression of Skill Development
Enrollment Requirements Report

Store unlimited student records including personal information and health histories.  Student records are encrypted to ensure privacy.

Chart your student's progress through the curriculum to insure you are meeting your program goals.

Enter and track all your program requirements in this screen.  TalEval will automatically notify you when a requirements is about to expire.

Clinical Assessment Entry Form
Student Formative Grid
Individual Student Grade

Originating from AACODA Standard 2-19, this clinical assessment entry form lists the major categories and the 144 subcategories.

A formative grid is used to plot individual student performance.

Individual student grades are generated through computations of mean and standard deviation resulting in un-inflated clinic grades.

Instructor Calibration Graph
Patient Talley Report
Summative Master Grid

A bar graph using color codes provides a visual demonstration of every error denoted by every faculty member. The graph shows similarities and differences among faculty observations.

This tracking report lists every student and tallies the number of patients they have seen in each category including calculus class, perio, special needs, medically compromised and age.

The summative master grid provides visual and numerical evaluation of the total class performance and assigns a weight to the subcategories using a bell curve, resulting in un-inflated clinic grades!

Patient Data Reports
Patient Recare Report
Patient Care Tracking Report
 Print detailed patient information in a variety of formats.

The patient recare report lists all patients schedule to return to the clinic.

Detail report shows every patient seen by a student in a particular date range.

Student Enrollment Reports
Patient Data Profiles

Print detailed student listings containing currently enrolled, withdrawn or graduated students.

Stores unlimited patient records including patient notes, treatment phase and recare dates.  Patient records are encrypted to ensure privacy and data integrity.


System Requirements TalEval is a web-based application so you can access it from any computer connected to the internet.  There is no software to download or install!  Safeguarding your data is one of our most important priorities. That is why we automatically encrypt all sensitive student and patient information sent between your computer and our servers.

$3,495.00 one time licensure fee plus annual hosting/support fee.
               $  995.00 annual hosting/support Fee

In Service Training:  Call for in-service course descriptions and pricing.

Annual Hosting/Support Options:

Click here for details on support and hosting options and pricing: Hosting/Support Options Explained
For additional support options, call for pricing.

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30 day money back guarantee.  If you are not completely satisfied with your TalEval subscription purchase please let us know in writing within 30 days of the date of purchase to receive a full refund. No refunds are allowed on annual hosting/support renewals.

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