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Online RadSchool is a web-based software tool that collects and evaluates data for Radiologic Science programs in the area of outcomes assessment, student learning assessment and provides evidence that an outcome has been met.  Final program outcomes are compared in relation to the benchmarks set. The software also features a student time clock that records attendance, tardies and absences.  Access the software from any PC with an internet connection.  No software to download or install.  All sensitive data is encrypted to ensure privacy and to protect your valuable data from unwanted access. Allows students to login to view their progress, enter unverified grades and submit site, instructor and program evaluation surveys.


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RadSchool Login Screen
RadSchool Main Menu
Clinical Competency Setup

Safeguarding your data is one of our most important priorities.  That's why we automatically encrypt all sensitive student and patient information.  We also require a user name and password to login to the software.

Menu driven software makes navigation quick and easy. Instructors and students see different menus, dependant on their security classification defined within the software.

Setup the software to meet your school's needs.  s setup form shows the screen you use to enter your lists of clinical competencies.

        User Setup Form
Student Personal Profile
Track Health Requirements

RadSchool also features user defined security protecting your data from unwanted access.  Define different permissions for every user.  You can even create student login profiles so students can log into the software to view their progress in the areas of clinical skills and attendance.

Stores unlimited student records including personal information and health histories. Records whether the student passed the state exam on the first attempt.  This information is then used to determine your pass rates.  The pass rates are then compared against your benchmarks.  Click on a tab to view vital information about the students progress.

Keep unlimited information bout your student enrollment requirements here. The software automatically notifies you when a student's requirement has expired or is about to expire. Prints detailed health requirement expiration report.

Student absences
Benchmark Report
Clinical Outcomes Assessment Entry and Reporting Using Your Criteria

Keep track of student absences.  Prints report showing total excused and unexcused absences.

Establish benchmarks in order to meet your educational goals.

Use this software tool for outcomes assessment.  Record competency scores using your list of competencies and tasks. Outcomes are compared against the benchmarks you have set.


Clinical Competency Report

Competency Benchmark Report

Web Based Time Clock

Print Clinical Competency progress report that shows all the competencies completed and the grade received.   Set benchmarks to assist you in determining if you program is meeting the goals you have set.


Establish clinical objective benchmarks to help you meet your program’s goals

Our software time clock can use most school bar coded badges and a scanner to clock students in and out. Define your own time clock rules such as when a student is considered tardy, absent and early. Setup automatic lunches and breaks.  Use straight time or round to the nearest 1/4 hour.

Instructor Time Clock Dashboard
Time Clock Corrections
Time Clock Reports

Includes an instructor dashboard that shows you who’s in, who’s tardy, absent or blocked out, all with a click of your mouse. Tracks time by the minute or by using the quarter hour system. Allows you to setup time clock rules to fit your school’s needs.

Easily make time clock corrections and enter manual attendance records using this form.  When manual records are entered they are marked.  This way you know which attendance records were made by the time clock and which ones were entered or modified manually.

Print attendance reports for any range of dates.  Show total tardies, absences, time clock punches, summaries and detail attendance records. Show total hours to date, previous hours and  field trip hours.

Create Evaluation Surveys
Administer Student Surveys

Create clinical site, instructor and program evaluations. Setup your list of evaluation survey questions.

Assign and view completed/uncompleted evaluations. Automatic email reminders to students to complete the evaluations.


Online RadSchool Management Software System Requirements:
RadSchool Pro Online is a web-based application so you can access it from any computer connected to the internet. There is no software to install, no installation wizard, no serial number to enter and no updates to apply.  Online RadSchool Pro Online can be accessed through a login page, via a web browser.

Data Security: Safeguarding your data is one of our most important priorities.  That's why we automatically encrypt all sensitive student and patient information and backup your data every day!

Software Pricing:
$ 1,995.00 One time Licensure fee
$    995.00 Annual Hosting/Maintenance & Support Fee (See Hosting/Maintenance Fees Explained)


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